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Green Edge Compute is operational in Trondheim and is taking on new customers. We also want customers for projects in Stavanger and Oslo.

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About Us

The data center industry has become one of the most energy-consuming and environmentally challenging industries globally, with a higher CO2 footprint than the entire airline industry. Our mission is to create and operate a data center platform that meets future technology demands sustainably.

Through years of extensive research, studies, and development in collaboration with well-known companies in IT-tech, renewable energy, district heating, municipalities, and real-estate, Green Edge Compute has developed the world’s most sustainable urban data center platform capable of generating massive CO2 savings.

Further growth in Norway and the Nordic countries

Our first 2 MW data center, GEC ONE, located in the tech capital of Norway, Trondheim, was operational in the spring of 2022. Green Edge Compute successfully developed the first data center in collaboration with the municipality of Trondheim and Statkraft Varme.

GEC One is just the beginning, and we are moving fast. In our first phase, we aim to build a network of 16 data centers with a total capacity of 25 MW in the most populated Nordic cities. We are already planning a second data center in Stavanger and other cities in Norway.

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Strategic Partnerships

Our strategy is to rely on recognized and reliable partners and we are very happy to have achieved our goal. We are in the process of building a new generation of green and sustainable data centers in urban areas and becoming an important contributor to the Nordic data center ecosystem.

We still seek customers and partnerships with new industry players. Together, we can save on investments and meet any future technology demands sustainably.

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Green Capacity for All

Green Edge Compute will operate the world’s most sustainable and technologically advanced platform. The platform allows us to document and measure CO2 savings for all our customers.

With our products and services, you gain access to a modern and innovative high-performance computing (HPC) platform with measurable CO2 savings. We offer flexible services, competitively priced according to usage and scalable according to future needs.

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GEC executive team

Svein H. Olavesen

Svein H. Olavesen

CEO / Co-Founder
+47 934 09 020
Patrik J. Hagelin

Patrik J. Hagelin

CCO / Co-Founder
+47 48 00 29 06
Jan Georg Larsen

Jan Georg Larsen

Business Development
+47 90 85 88 20

What people say about us

"GEC's great idea has made it possible for us to be part of this ground-breaking work for the data center industry. It has been a very exciting process, and the SINTEF report shows that it is successful. It proves that it is possible to build data centers with sustainability as a prerequisite. I think other countries can learn much from what Green Edge Compute is doing in Trondheim. The results should attract international data center players to Norway in addition to local and international customers. Green Edge now has the ammunition they need to convince the public and private sector that it is possible to achieve sustainable digitization."

Thomas Kraft, CEO of HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)

"Green Edge Compute is an excellent example of how technology can create a positive environmental impact. Norwegian data centers provide sustainable solutions, employment opportunities, and other positive ripple effects for local communities. It is inspiring for us in Telenor to contribute to Green edge's project with critical infrastructure and security solutions for their data centers."

Birgitte Engebretsen, CEO, Telenor Norway
"Trondheim municipality has a collaboration agreement to develop a green and sustainable data center in Sluppen, Trondheim. Sluppen is one of Trondheim’s large developmental urban areas, quickly transforming into a sustainable, zero-emission district for private sector companies, public sector organizations, and private residences. Collaborating with innovative companies such as Green Edge Compute will help us realize our ambitious sustainability goals.”
– Kristian Dahlberg Hauge, Municipal Executive in Trondheim.

“Green Edge Compute accommodates three global trends. First, they focus on sustainability throughout the entire value chain, not only on renewable energy and energy efficiency but also on utilizing excess heat generated from data centers. Second, they enable Edge Computing. Certain applications require computing power and server capacity in close proximity to the end-user, and we will see several smaller, urban data centers being developed in addition to large-scale data centers in more remote areas. And third, they focus on building ecosystems and understand that partnering with IT, energy, and real-estate players is required for developing data centers that work well in a circular economy.”

Benedicte Fasmer Waaler, Senior Advisor in Innovation Norway.

“The need for low latency and energy re-usage made Green Edge Compute an interesting partner for the +CityxChange project in Sluppen, Trondheim. They are offering a full-worthy sustainable data center with the advantage of low latency by setting up the data center in an urban area.”

– Bjørn Villa, IT Manager in Trondheim municipality.

“We are excited about the fact that Green Edge Compute develops an efficient data center concept where you can utilize excess heat. As a district heating system operator, we want to accommodate the efficient utilization of a city’s energy resources. The collaboration with Green Edge Compute exemplifies this ambition.”

– Andreas Stokke, VP Head of Portfolio & Strategy in Statkraft Varme.