Portrait of Patrik J. Hagelin, Svein H Olavesen and Jan Georg Larsen

About us

Green Edge Compute aims to build a new generation of green and sustainable data centers in urban areas and become an important contributor to the Nordic and international data center ecosystem.

With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G networks, and the increasing environmental challenges posed by the data center industry, a need for more sustainable and urban edge data centers emerge.

This is where Green Edge Compute comes in.

The Birth of Green Edge Compute

Green Edge Compute started with one simple idea: “Build the most environmentally friendly data center possible while simultaneously meeting the increasing technology demands of the future.”

In 2017, we launched the feasibility study that started our exciting journey. Together with leading industrial tech and consulting companies, we proved that we could create a smart, sustainable loop by placing the data center in the heart of the city. The excess heat from the data center provides the city with thermal energy before returning to the data center, cooling it down again.

The study demonstrated that a 100,000 square meters city powered by solar energy could produce 2 MW of renewable power to a liquid-cooled data center that generates almost 2 MW of heat back to the 100,000 square meters of buildings as a nearby ecosystem.

The feasibility study became the spark that ignited Green Edge Compute, and we have adapted the study to fit the existing infrastructure of today’s modern cities. Green Edge Compute’s concept was born.

Our Edge Data Center Concept

The world needs more urban edge data centers that accommodate the coming IoT and 5G era and consider environmental challenges. Green Edge Compute is currently developing green edge data centers with innovative cooling technology that accommodates optimal use of excess heat and enables efficient energy utilization.

Our data centers will rely exclusively on renewable energy and consume up to 40 percent less energy than many traditional data centers.

By leveraging efficient cooling technology, our data centers accommodate the utilization of excess heat that can be reused in city district heating systems.

Local Collaborations, Global Ambitions

Our first data center is currently under development in Trondheim, Norway, and will be in operation in 2022. In close collaboration with Trondheim municipality, the technology capital of Norway, the district heating system operator Statkraft Varme, and the real-estate developer R. Kjeldsberg, we are developing the world’s most sustainable edge data center.

The collaboration will demonstrate the feasibility and environmental benefits of our new data center model and allow us to build a setup that can be replicated in other cities and locations. We are developing a blueprint for the next generation of data centers to leverage high-performance computing and edge computing.

Read more about the new data center in Trondheim, Norway.

The new data center in Trondheim is just the beginning. We will introduce our concept to other Scandinavian cities during the next years, aiming to be present in most major Nordic cities by 2025.

If you would like to learn more about Green Edge Compute’s data center concept, we are happy to talk with you. Just fill out the form below, and we will reach out to you.