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The World Needs Green Edge Data Centers

– and lots of them

An increasing need for computing power has transformed the data center industry into one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide. Today, more than eight million data centers globally enable us to realize the many technological benefits we enjoy in our everyday lives. Whether we are talking about streaming services, smart cities, digital financial services, or cryptocurrency mining, data centers give us the server capacity and computing power necessary for the modern, digital life.

However, the data center industry is currently facing two critical challenges.

First, the proliferation of data centers generates significant environmental challenges. Globally, the data center industry generates the same amount of carbon emissions as the entire airline industry. And some predictions estimate that data center energy consumption will constitute 3,2 percent of total global carbon emissions by 2025 and 14 percent in 2040.

Second, the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G networks requires a new breed of small, high-performance, and low-latency data centers located close to the end-user. By processing data and services as close to the end-user as possible, these so-called edge data centers provide end-users and organizations with access to high-performance and low-latency services and improved user experience.

This is where Green Edge Compute comes in. We aim to build a new generation of green and sustainable data centers in urban areas and become an important contributor to the Nordic and international data center ecosystem.

Modifying the Traditional Data Center Model

Green Edge Compute is currently developing green data centers in urban areas with innovative cooling technology that accommodates optimal use of excess heat and enables efficient energy utilization.

We use the traditional data center model as a starting point but make some critical adjustments.

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We operate our data centers differently

Instead of using air cooling, we use liquid cooling, which reduces the power to cool servers up to 90 percent and reduces the total data center energy consumption up to 40 percent.

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We utilize excess heat differently

Liquid cooling in data centers generates hot water as a by-product. Our data centers are directly connected to the local district heating system, enabling us to reuse excess hot water as a sustainable heating resource in the city district heating system. Our data centers reuse up to 90 percent of all energy in local district heating systems.

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We localize our data centers differently

Using state-of-the-art liquid-cooled, high-density hardware, we can reduce the total size of our data centers up to 90 percent, making it easier to leverage existing buildings in urban areas.

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Enabling Edge Services for the Coming IoT and 5G Era

Rapid expansion of IoT devices, increasing data source decentralization, and emergence of 5G networks drive the demand for Edge Computing. Edge brings storage and computing resources as close to the original data source as possible, enabling businesses and organizations to leverage the opportunities of low-latency communication and advanced analytics capabilities.

The number of devices connected to the Internet, and the volume of data produced by sensors and IoT devices used by businesses, are growing far too quickly for traditional enterprise data center infrastructures to accommodate. Gartner predicts that by 2025, 75% of enterprise-generated data will be created outside of centralized data centers. 

As a result, we have to shift focus from the central data center to the periphery, or the edge, of the infrastructure – taking storage and computing resources from the data center and moving those resources to the point where the data is generated. The principle is straightforward: If you can’t bring the data closer to the data center, bring the data center closer to the data. 

Green Edge Compute helps businesses, organizations, and public authorities leverage the opportunities inherent in Edge Computing to accommodate the coming IoT and 5G era. We build green data centers in urban areas close to the end-user and provide the missing link between data centers and data processing.

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Want to Be Part of Our Journey?

Green Edge Compute will soon launch a pilot project to test the feasibility of the world’s most sustainable Edge data center concept. We are now looking for innovative partners to take part in the journey towards a greener data center industry.

Several leading Nordic and international IT and tech companies have already signed up to participate in the pilot project, but we need more collaborators and partners.

We would like to hear from you, if you have large-scale data storage and compute needs and want to be part of a data center industry transformation towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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