Our data centers


Our first operational data center in Trondheim is ready to take on new customers. Our innovative data center concept entails setting up edge data centers close to the end user to eliminate latency. Replacing air-cooling with liquid cooling, locating the data centers in existing buildings, and utilizing the excess heat are the main drivers behind a much more climate-friendly and green data center solution.

Read more about why our data centers are more sustainable than traditional data centers in this scientific research report from SINTEF

Using our facility for your computing needs lets you quickly document your sustainability efforts. We can supply our customers with sustainability reports in real time.

Trondheim municipality is the data center's first customer. The plan is to migrate select services into the new data center as fast as possible.

Read more about the Trondheim-project: Trondheim Municipality Partners with Green Edge Compute to Develop Sustainable Data Centre

GEC One is our first in a series of data centers that are uniquely sustainable. We are ready to scale up. If you are interested in joining our journey, we are eager to share our concept with the world!


We are well on our way with the plans for setting up our second data center in Stavanger. We work closely with our strategic partner, CGI, on this project.

The data center will be located at Bjergsted, where CGI already has offices. The data center in Stavanger has several customers who will use it as soon as it is operational.

Read more about the Stavanger-project: Green Edge Compute and CGI are building the world's most sustainable data center in Stavanger

The goal is to have the data center up and running during 2022. We are in the market for new investors and more customers in our sustainable chain of data centers.

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We aim to establish a third data center in Oslo in 2023. The plans are in the initial stages. But we are open to early movers who want to be a part of our journey in transforming the data center industry.

The data center in the capitol will be set up in close collaboration with CGI. The partnership aims to make Green Edge Compute's green data centers known and established throughout Norway and eventually internationally.

– Participating in building Green edge data centers hits the core of what CGI is all about. We must contribute to more balanced energy use to benefit the environment, our customers, and our employees. Building green, sustainable data centers that use future-forward technology is right up our alley, says CGI's director of energy, Paul Fiskaaen. 


The plans for a Green edge data center in Bodø are at a very early stage. The football club, Bodø/Glimt, aims to build an environmentally friendly football stadium. They have invited Green Edge Compute as a vital contributor to realizing their energy efficiency and sustainability vision.

– We wanted to partner with Green Edge Compute because they can offer an innovative way to help solve a global problem. Not many other players have considered how much CO2 data centers emit. Green Edge takes active steps throughout the value chain to get a sustainable solution. This is crucial for us, says business developer in Bodø/Glimt, Benedicte Halvorsen.

Read more about the project in Bodø: – It is a huge compliment to be invited into such an exciting and sustainable project

The project in Bodø aims to be up and running by 2025.