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Strategic Partnerships

Green Edge Compute aims to build a new generation of green and sustainable data centers in urban areas and become an important contributor to the Nordic and international data center ecosystem.

To reach our goals, we collaborate with recognized and reliable partners.

Energy Companies

Green and sustainable energy companies help us deliver sufficient renewable power into our data centers.

Real Estate Companies

Innovative real estate companies help us provide our customers with high-security data center facilities.

Network Companies

State-of-the-art network companies help us deliver the required connectivity for our customers, including bandwidth, security, and redundancy.


Software, Hardware, and Cooling Unit Companies

We use HPE/Intel rack servers cooled by a cold-plate CDU solution delivered by CoolIT. The racks are capsuled to preserve the heat not caught in the CDU system, capturing up to 90 % of the heat generated in our data centers.

Our Partners

Trondheim kommune

Through the EU-funded project +CityxChange, Trondheim develops innovative and sustainable energy solutions by implementing Positive Energy Blocks (PEBs), geographically limited areas that consume less energy than what is locally produced. One of these PEBs is currently under development in Sluppen, Trondheim, where Green Edge Compute will build the world’s most sustainable data center.

Trondheim kommune

Statkraft Varme

Statkraft Varme and Green Edge Compute have come together to develop a data center that distributes excess heat to the district heating system in Trondheim. As part of the +CityxChange project, Green Edge Compute develops a data center leveraging efficient cooling technology that enables optimal utilization of excess heat. Statkraft Varme will accommodate the distribution of the excess heat generated from Green Edge Compute’s data center.

Statkraft Varme


Cyber criminality, data theft, and industrial espionage increasingly threaten public sector organizations and private sector businesses. Green Edge Compute puts data center security at the top of the agenda by entering into a strategic agreement with Telenor for security and connectivity solutions. Telenor will deliver connectivity between Green Edge Compute’s data centers, provide a security platform that protects all data center customers against hostile attacks, and continuously monitor all traffic from their safety center. The collaboration ensures that both public and private sector customers benefit from the highest security measures possible.


CGI Norway

CGI Norway offers end-to-end business and IT advisory, system integrations, application development and maintenance, and infrastructure operations and management. Green Edge Compute has partnered up with CGI Norway to market and sell their data center concept. CGI Norway will leverage Green Edge Compute data centers to offer new and existing clients a green alternative.



Green Edge Compute has partnered with IT consultancy Miracle to develop a high-performance computing (HPC) data platform for green and sustainable edge data centres. Together with Green Edge Compute, Miracle develops a fully automated, secure, and user-friendly self-service platform where data centre clients can log in, easily order various computing services and gain real-time insights on their CO2 savings whenever they want.


GK Group

GK Group is Scandinavia’s leading technical entrepreneur and service partner, delivering smart solutions for ventilation, cooling, building automation, electrical engineering, and piping. Green Edge Compute collaborates closely with GK Group to plan, install, and service data center heat pumps, liquid cooling technology, and district heating system connections.

GK Group


Green Edge Compute has partnered with consultancy firm MarkedsPartner for a long-term strategic collaboration. MarkedsPartner helps companies develop better customer journeys and digitally transform marketing, sales, and customer service processes, and will be the exclusive provider for digital customer journey, marketing, and CRM services.

MarkedsPartner logo